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U.N.A.Y.O.'S Recreational, Cultural, Educational Programs

Basketball U.N.A.Y.O.’s Basketball Program Runs from November to June. We provide Basketball skills training and league competition. U.N.A.Y.O. host tournaments and camps as well as being the founders of the 

Super Successful Western Suffolk Basketball League.


U.N.A.Y.O.’s Cheerleading Program instructs youngsters in Basic cheering techniques and methodologies. The cheering squad sponsors a bottle and can recycling program to race funds for additional program activities. They host an Annual Fashion show and sponsor an end of year Cheer Friends and Family Celebration to thank program supporters.


U.N.A.Y.O.’s Football Program runs from April to November. Football Camp serves as the introductory training ground for Football and the Regular Football Season runs July through November.

Pak's Karate U.N.A.Y.O. Satellite

Martial Arts (Tang Soo Do)  

U.N.A.Y.O.’s Martial Arts Program runs year round. Registration is inclusive of 4 Classes a month. The program consist of learning the training techniques of Tang Soo Do, Korean Terminology, History of Tang Soo Do, Student Creed and the Principles of Tang Soo Do


I will develop myself in a positive manner and avoid anything that will harm me mentally or physically.

I will develop self-discipline to bring out the best in myself and others and to live by the codes of the United Tang Soo Do Federation.

I will use what I learn constructively and defensively and never be abusive of offensive.

We are a Black Belt School.

We are motivated.

We are dedicated.

We will strive to be our best.

Tang Soo!


Integrity – never compromise your values

Motivation – without it you are simply a robot going through the motions.

Goals – are the stuff dreams are made of.

Determination – helps to gauge the amount of fortitude you possess.

Perseverance – if it is too easy to obtain, there is not much worth attached to it

Leadership – you always lead by example

Honesty – above all , honesty to yourself, you will have to live with yourself for the rest of your life

Respect – before you can respect others you must first respect yourself

Cultural Studies & Youth Leadership

U.N.A.Y.O.’s Cultural Studies Program runs from October to June. Classes are consist of two sessions by grade (K-5) and (6-12). Student learn about different cultures and engage in activities to help them understand the importance of this course of study. 

U.N.A.Y.O.’s Youth Leadership Program runs from October to June. The student learn the skills necessary to become effective youth leaders and future adult leaders. The curriculum consists character education and service learning activities and an annual retreat workshop.

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